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Video Production

On-Camera Video

Hosting and Starring Appearances

I have over 10 years of experience in on-camera hosting, news reporting, and acting. I caught the acting bug after hosting an award-winning humorous weekly news show a-la "Weekend Update" meets Stephen Colbert, and have made numerous appearances in corporate video, TV shows, short and feature films, and national commercials.

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How to Write a Life-Changing Intro

I was tasked with creating a tutorial video for teenagers on how to write a great introduction.

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Script Reader Pro

How to Make Your Scripts Laugh-Out-Loud Funny

I hosted an episode of a YouTube how-to series

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Amazon Pilot TV Show

Public Displays of Insanity

As the lead character, Tom, art imitated life as I played an up-and-coming actor struggling to make it outside the Hollywood lifestyle. I also edited several episodes.

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Pilot Show Opener

The Human Show

The concept for The Human Show came from our HR department who wanted to create a vehicle for employees to feel connected to our mission in a lighthearted, less-corporate feel.

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